How to make a skirt bigger

In this post I want to focus on how I was able to upcycle a too small skirt into one which fit me. I found this skirt at my local op shop for $4. It was a good 2 sizes too small, but the print was so pretty that I found it hard to leave without it. 

Which then begged the question of what am I going to do with it! I posted the question up on Instagram; there were loads of suggestions, such as adding panels, adding a whole new front or back, and even turning it into a cape! So what did I do?


Adding a couple panels in a complimentary pattern seemed like the best course of action, and meant I didn't need to fiddle around with the zip either. Originally I tried to find a good material and pattern from another piece of clothing from an Op Shop, but didn't come across anything I was thrilled with. In the end, I bought a beautiful dark pink plaid material from Lincraft. At $12 it was more than the skirt itself, but it went so gorgeously with the floral and houndstooth of the skirt.


I unpicked the sides of the skirt, including the lining, and ended up with two pieces. With the plaid material, I then cut one piece which included the material for the waist band, and wider at the bottom of the material to give it some body and flow as with the rest of the skirt.

With the sewing machine, I built the skirt again with the new panels, added the waist band and hemmed the bottom. Took  me a good hour or two, with most of the work in the cutting of the fabric and pinning it in place.   

It's not uber pretty underneath, I would like to improve my sewing skills so I know how to finish the inside as well as the outside, but that'll come down to practice I think! 


What piece of clothing would you like to see upcycled?!

Skirt: Thrifted from Brotherhood of St Lawrence
Top: Zara, thrifted from Salvos
Heels: Old
Felt Hat: Old
Sunnies: Bailey Nelson

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Em xx

One dress three ways

Recently I've noticed quite a few fellow bloggers and instagrammers posting wonderful series on styling a piece of clothing three times. Because let's face it, no real person wears a piece of clothing once! It's fabulous to see, and I thought I'd get in on the action as well. The main piece of clothing I'm wearing is this beautiful wrap dress which I received from the lovely Bianca at from The Wardrobe Green. Bianca sources lovely preloved clothing and sells throughout Australia. I love the idea of buying off Instagram; just another great reason to love the platform. This amazing coat was also from The Wardrobe Green. 

Here's my take on it, one dress three ways as you change from Summer to Winter.

Spring Garden Party

I only have one other wrap dress, which is an old favourite, and I've been on the lookout for another one. Perfect timing, this dress is an absolute gem, and I'm sure once the warmer weather comes back I'll be wearing this baby! 


Getting cooler?

Add a fur scarf. This has to be one of my favourite cool weather accessory. If you've been following my blog or Instagram, you'll have noticed I wear it all the time! You can't deny the instantaneous glam factor. 


Bold for Autumn

I actually love how this outfit turned out. I added my rust duster coat and my everywhere fur scarf; instantly I felt like I'd stepped back in time. I think a pair of heeled boots would go well with this too instead of the pumps but I didn't have a pair which matched. 


Dress: Thrifted and gifted from The Wardrobe Green (a preloved fashion online store)
Duster coat: Dotti
Fur scarf: Thrifted
Heels: Old pair

Which is your favourite? And what's a piece of clothing you style differently each time? 

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Em xx