Oh show me where the planes go...


Dress and hat: Thrifted from Goodwill
Lipstick: Lady Danger from Mac

A friend and I journeyed into Georgetown, an area south of Seattle, by bus nonetheless. I'm a big believer of public transport, and I had the exciting honour of taking my friend on his first grand adventure of the bus system in Seattle. Pretty sure I converted him.  

According to my first picture, Gerogetown is the oldest neighbourhood in Seattle; it's a quaint little area, with a lovely sense of community, and an art walk which happens on the second Saturday of the month. It's also right near Boeing Field, so expect to have a plane fly over you a few times an hour. Oh, and they have a Trailer Park Mall - that is all.  I assume someone set up shop in a car park one day to sell their weird and wonderful pieces and the concept took off.  

Em xx