Op Shopping in Melbourne

Oh, Melbourne, your thrift stores (op shops) are second to none. For all my thrifty readers and for those who are not, but are thinking about it, here are some of my favourite places to thrift in Melbourne. 


Brotherhood of St Laurence - Brunswick

This just so happens to be about 5 mins from my house, but it's also one of the largest and best thrift stores in the area. This huge space has so many amazing bargains, clothes furniture, records, costumes, whatever your heart desires. One of my favourite aspects of Brotherhood is how everything is priced. Everything is a standard price, for example; all dresses are $9, all pants $5 etc you get the gist. With so much to go through, you'll almost always leave with something. If you're me, I can't enter without buying something! 

When it comes to the south side, you could spend an entire day on Chapel St roaming the Op Shops along there. Head towards the Windsor end, and you'll come across about 4 or 5 op shops in a quick succession. I've listed 3 of my favourites. 

Prahran Mission - Chapel St Prahran

Prahran Mission runs a gorgeous looking store. They always have fantastic clothing, and their store display is always a pleasure to see. This is also where I picked up the pieces in one of my recent blog posts Trending In Blue. I went to take some pictures, and walked out with a top and jacket!


Salvos Store - Chapel St 

I love a good Salvos, and these guys have the most amazing shoe collection! Head here for all types of clothing, shoes and accessories. It's a minefield of second hand amazingness. 


Mecwa Opportunity Shop - Chapel St

This op shop is right near Windsor station and it has a delightful mix of clothing and furniture. I recently thrifted a beautiful dark green leather bag for work, and it's so gorgeous. Also if you ever need to replace a lost button, I'd definitely recommend heading here.  They have jars upon jars of loose buttons!

Seattle and the USA

For my US readers, I also wanted to give you a little info on where I used to thrift. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you not only have the glorious hikes and mountains, but also many unique thrifting opportunities. 


I mean, you cannot find a better thrift store, I always walked out of Goodwill with some fantastic piece of clothing, or necklace, or piece of furniture! If you happen to be in Capitol Hill, be sure to check the local Goodwill out. Otherwise head to the main Goodwill depot in First Hill.


This is a little bit more expensive then NFP thrift stores, but very reasonable. One of my favourite pieces is this Betsey Johnson blazer I thrifted from here. They also offer a service where you bring in your old clothes, and they will buy what they want. So it’s also a way to make a little extra cash, or use that money as credit to purchase some new pieces! The return is definitely better if you claim the money as a credit, but if you’re in need of cash, or moving countries like I was, it was very handy. 

Austin, Texas

There is some fantastic thrift store shopping on South Congress Ave. I picked up this polka dot one piece from here, and also this lollypop dress for $3 from the local Goodwill.

I thrifted throughout the US, and found the quality to be very high. To find what’s going on in your town, google your local neighbourhoods for clothing exchange or consignment stores!

I hope this has inspired you to thrift in your local area, and give second hand clothing a go :)

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Em xx