One year of blogging

One year ago I posted my first ever style blog post, you can check it out here. Taking photos on the side of my house because I was too self conscious to go outside, water hose and all, and with a camera perched precariously on a chair on top of a table! I'm now happy to say I've invested in a tripod for my camera. 


I'd followed fashion blogs for years and always wanted to be part of it. I'd dabbled in blogging beforehand, trying my hand at a baking blog, however it turned out I enjoyed the baking, eating and reading of others more than the idea of writing my own. Two years later I started this style blog Blue Umbrella Lane and I'm proud to have enjoyed and stuck with it for one year already! It's been an avenue to express my creativity, and allows me to map my style evolution, and I can't wait to see what happens next. It's been a great challenge to carve out a sustainable fashion lifestyle, and writing a blog has definitely helped to fuel my passion for second hand clothing, and reduce my fashion waste in the world.  


I've often been amazed at the incredible community I've discovered through blogging and Instagram. I've had wonderful conversations with people on the other side of the world, met up in real life :p with local bloggers and instagrammers and immensely enjoyed every single interaction with every one of you. I've even found some fellow op shop lovers to join me! And I've managed to do it while living in one country and then moving back to my own. Thank you to everyone I've met, talked with, laughed with and especially those who have been so supportive and have put up with my request for 'just one more outfit pic'.

Cheers to year two! 

Outfit details

Coat: Tailor made in Vietnam 8 years ago
Shoes: DIY leather upcycle
Bag: Kate Hill (bought new, well worn)
Pants: Old

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Em xx