Refashioning an illfitting 80s dress

This was one of my favourite thriftformations! I picked up this dress a good 2 or so months ago from Savers on Sydney Rd in Brunswick for $12. The dress fit horribly, I could barely get an arm through the sleeves; I mean how small were women's wrists in the 80s! But the material was stunning, and the pleating was so perfect. I knew it could be made in to something for today's world. My work Christmas party was also coming up and the theme was a touch of blue. Turns out my interpretation of a touch was in fact all blue! But hey, I'm an overachiever :). 


First off I knew the sleeves had to go, a bit puffy (shoulder pads included) and like I said earlier my arms just didn't fit! So I unpicked each sleeve and decided they would form the belt. Once I sewed up the sleeves together, I had the perfect amount of fabric to use as the belt. Job done. 


I don't have a picture of the back, but it was attached at the back of the neck by a button, and there was an open circle which went down to the waist. I decided this would be changed into a low V. I went about measuring the V and making the alterations, but as I'm an amateur seamstress who does not know how to work with lining it didn't look very professional. It was  when I tried to hem the armholes one night last week that I realised I had no idea what to do, and had a mini panic while I frantically googled an alterations place which would be able to take my dress and fix it in a few short days!

Lucky I found a place right in the heart of Melbourne, tucked away off Little Collins and Elizabeth, called Circe Alterations and where I had the most delightful experience. I popped in on my lunch break the next day, and met Howard the owner, explained my predicament and he knew exactly what I needed and what to do. The cost was a very reasonable $30 and Howard also took the time to explain how I could have made the V in the back look more professional and how I needed to do the lining. What wonderful advice! I left it in Howard's capable hands and went on a search for shoes! 


Fast forward a few days later, 4 to be exact, and I went back to Circe Alterations, and Howard had done a splendid job on this dress, and to my pleasant surprise he had even redone the the V in the back and at no extra cost! I couldn't have been more excited. All in all the dress cost me $42, including the alteration cost! I'd say that's a win, and this won't be my last experience with an alternation genius! You'd be surprised how the most simple changes can transform a piece of clothing. 


Dress: Thrifted from Savers $12
Clutch: Olga Berg - borrowed from my bestie who had thrifted it
Heels: Bought new for the dress from Jo Mercer (I couldn't go past a pair of rose gold heels)

Have any ideas for a thriftformation you'd like to see, I'm taking suggestions?! 

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Em xx